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HSK - Level 2 (295)


 #SimplifiedTraditionalPinyin NumbersPinyin MarksTranslation
Details1zui4zuìvariant of 最[zui4]
Details2yi1one/1/single/a (article)/as soon as/entire/whole/all/throughout/"one" radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 1)/also pr. [yao1] for greater clarity when spelling out numbers digit by digit
Details4丈夫丈夫zhang4 fu5zhàng fuhusband/CL:個|个[ge4]
Details5San1Sānsurname San
Details6shang4shàngon top/upon/above/upper/previous/first (of multiple parts)/to climb/to get onto/to go up/to attend (class or university)
Details7上午上午shang4 wu3shàng wǔmorning/CL:個|个[ge4]
Details8上班上班shang4 ban1shàng bānto go to work/to be on duty/to start work/to go to the office
Details9xia4xiàdown/downwards/below/lower/later/next (week etc)/second (of two parts)/to decline/to go down/to arrive at (a decision, conclusion etc)/measure word to show the frequency of an action
Details10下午下午xia4 wu3xià wǔafternoon/CL:個|个[ge4]/p.m.
Details11下雨下雨xia4 yu3xià yǔto rain
Details12bu4(negative prefix)/not/no
Details13不客气不客氣bu4 ke4 qi5bù kè qiyou're welcome/don't mention it/impolite/rude/blunt
Details14中午中午zhong1 wu3zhōng wǔnoon/midday/CL:個|个[ge4]
Details15中国中國Zhong1 guo2Zhōng guóChina
Details17Ye3surname Ye
Details18le5le(modal particle intensifying preceding clause)/(completed action marker)
Details19er4èrtwo/2/(Beijing dialect) stupid
Details21xie1xiēsome/few/several/measure word indicating a small amount or small number (greater than 1)
Details23什么什麼shen2 me5shén mewhat?/who?/something/anything
Details24今天今天jin1 tian1jīn tiāntoday/at the present/now
Details25介绍介紹jie4 shao4jiè shàoto introduce (sb to sb)/to give a presentation/to present (sb for a job etc)/introduction
Details26ta1he or him/(used for either sex when the sex is unknown or unimportant)/(used before sb's name for emphasis)/(used as a meaningless mock object)/other/another
Details27jian4jiànitem/component/classifier for events, things, clothes etc
Details28休息休息xiu1 xi5xiū xirest/to rest
Details29但是但是dan4 shi4dàn shìbut/however
Details30zhu4zhùto live/to dwell/to stay/to reside/to stop/(suffix indicating firmness, steadiness, or coming to a halt)
Details31ni3you (informal, as opposed to courteous 您[nin2])
Details32lai2láito come/to arrive/to come round/ever since/next
Details33便宜便宜pian2 yi5pián yicheap/inexpensive/small advantages/to let sb off lightly
Details34ge4individual/this/that/size/classifier for people or objects in general
Details35zuo4zuòto do/to make/to produce/to write/to compose/to act as/to engage in/to hold (a party)/to be/to become/to function (in some capacity)/to serve as/to be used for/to form (a bond or relationship)/to pretend/to feign/to act a part/to put on appearance
Details36jia1jiāsee 傢伙|家伙[jia1 huo5]
Details37Yuan2Yuánsurname Yuan/the Yuan or Mongol dynasty (1279-1368)
Details38先生先生Xian1 sheng5Xiān shengMister (Mr.)
Details39儿子兒子er2 zi5ér zison
Details40liang3liǎngtwo/both/some/a few/tael, unit of weight equal to 50 grams (modern) or 1⁄16 of a catty 斤[jin1] (old)
Details42公共汽车公共汽車gong1 gong4 qi4 che1gōng gòng qì chēbus/CL:輛|辆[liang4],班[ban1]
Details43公司公司gong1 si1gōng sī(business) company/company/firm/corporation/incorporated/CL:家[jia1]
Details44公斤公斤gong1 jin1gōng jīnkilogram (kg)
Details46zai4zàiagain/once more/re-/second/another/then (after sth, and not until then)
Details47再见再見zai4 jian4zài jiàngoodbye/see you again later
Details48Leng3Lěngsurname Leng
Details49chu1chūto go out/to come out/to occur/to produce/to go beyond/to rise/to put forth/to happen/classifier for dramas, plays, operas etc
Details50出租车出租車chu1 zu1 che1chū zū chētaxi/(Taiwan) rental car
Details51分钟分鐘fen1 zhong1fēn zhōngminute
Details52Bie2Biésurname Bie
Details53dao4dàoto (a place)/until (a time)/up to/to go/to arrive/(verb complement denoting completion or result of an action)
Details54前面前面qian2 mian4qián miànahead/in front/preceding/above
Details55北京北京Bei3 jing1Běi jīngBeijing, capital of People's Republic of China/Peking/PRC government
Details58qu4to go/to go to (a place)/(of a time etc) last/just passed/to send/to remove/to get rid of/to reduce/to be apart from in space or time/to die (euphemism)/to play (a part)/(when used either before or after a verb) to go in order to do sth/(after a verb of motion indicates movement away from the speaker)/(used after certain verbs to indicate detachment or separation)
Details59去年去年qu4 nian2qù niánlast year
Details60jiao4jiàoto shout/to call/to order/to ask/to be called/by (indicates agent in the passive mood)
Details61可以可以ke3 yi3kě yǐcan/may/possible/able to/not bad/pretty good
Details62可能可能ke3 neng2kě néngmight (happen)/possible/probable/possibility/probability/maybe/perhaps/CL:個|个[ge4]
Details63右边右邊you4 bian5yòu bianright side/right, to the right
Details64chi1chīto eat/to consume/to eat at (a cafeteria etc)/to eradicate/to destroy/to absorb/to suffer/to stammer (Taiwan pr. for this sense is [ji2])
Details65同学同學tong2 xue2tóng xuéto study at the same school/fellow student/classmate/CL:位[wei4],個|个[ge4]
Details66名字名字ming2 zi5míng ziname (of a person or thing)/CL:個|个[ge4]
Details67Xiang4Xiàngsurname Xiang
Details68ba5ba(modal particle indicating suggestion or surmise)/...right?/...OK?/...I presume.
Details69告诉告訴gao4 su5gào suto tell/to inform/to let know
Details70ne5neparticle indicating that a previously asked question is to be applied to the preceding word ("What about ...?", "And ...?")/particle for inquiring about location ("Where is ...?")/particle signaling a pause, to emphasize the preceding words and allow the listener time to take them on board ("ok?", "are you with me?")/(at the end of a declarative sentence) particle indicating continuation of a state or action/particle indicating strong affirmation
Details71he2old variant of 和[he2]
Details72咖啡咖啡ka1 fei1kā fēicoffee (loanword)/CL:杯[bei1]
Details73xiao4xiàoold variant of 笑[xiao4]
Details74哥哥哥哥ge1 ge5gē geolder brother/CL:個|个[ge4],位[wei4]
Details76哪儿哪兒na3 r5nǎ rwhere?/wherever/anywhere
Details77唱歌唱歌chang4 ge1chàng gēto sing a song
Details78商店商店shang1 dian4shāng diànstore/shop/CL:家[jia1],個|个[ge4]
Details79wen4wènto ask
Details80问题問題wen4 ti2wèn tíquestion/problem/issue/topic/CL:個|个[ge4]
Details81wei4wèihey/to feed (an animal, baby, invalid etc)
Details82喜欢喜歡xi3 huan5xǐ huanto like/to be fond of
Details83he1to drink/My goodness!
Details84ma5ma(question particle for "yes-no" questions)
Details86hui2huíto circle/to go back/to turn around/to answer/to return/to revolve/Hui ethnic group (Chinese Muslims)/time/classifier for acts of a play/section or chapter (of a classic book)
Details87回答回答hui2 da2huí dáto reply/to answer/the answer/CL:個|个[ge4]
Details88因为因為yin1 wei4yīn wèibecause/owing to/on account of
Details89zai4zài(located) at/(to be) in/to exist/in the middle of doing sth/(indicating an action in progress)
Details90Zuo4Zuòsurname Zuo
Details91报纸報紙bao4 zhi3bào zhǐnewspaper/newsprint/CL:份[fen4],期[qi1],張|张[zhang1]
Details92kuai4kuàilump (of earth)/chunk/piece/classifier for pieces of cloth, cake, soap etc/(coll.) classifier for money and currency units
Details93wai4wàioutside/in addition/foreign/external
Details94duo1duōmany/much/often/a lot of/numerous/more/in excess/how (to what extent)/multi-/Taiwan pr. [duo2] when it means "how"
Details95多少多少duo1 shao3duō shǎonumber/amount/somewhat
Details96da4big/huge/large/major/great/wide/deep/older (than)/oldest/eldest/greatly/very much/(dialect) father/father's elder or younger brother
Details97大家大家da4 jia1dà jiāeveryone/influential family/great expert
Details98天气天氣tian1 qi4tiān qìweather
Details99tai4tàihighest/greatest/too (much)/very/extremely
Details101hao3hǎogood/well/proper/good to/easy to/very/so/(suffix indicating completion or readiness)/(of two people) close/on intimate terms
Details102好吃好吃hao3 chi1hǎo chītasty/delicious
Details103妹妹妹妹mei4 mei5mèi meiyounger sister/young woman/CL:個|个[ge4]
Details104妻子妻子qi1 zi5qī ziwife/CL:個|个[ge4]
Details105姐姐姐姐jie3 jie5jiě jieolder sister/CL:個|个[ge4]
Details106xing4xìngfamily name/surname/CL:個|个[ge4]/to be surnamed
Details107妈妈媽媽ma1 ma5mā mamama/mommy/mother/CL:個|个[ge4],位[wei4]
Details108zi4letter/symbol/character/word/CL:個|个[ge4]/courtesy or style name traditionally given to males aged 20 in dynastic China
Details109孩子孩子hai2 zi5hái zichild
Details110学校學校xue2 xiao4xué xiàoschool/CL:所[suo3]
Details111学生學生xue2 sheng5xué shengstudent/schoolchild
Details112学习學習xue2 xi2xué xíto learn/to study
Details114wan2wánto finish/to be over/whole/complete/entire
Details115xie3xiěto write
Details116dui4duìright/correct/couple/pair/towards/at/for/to face/opposite/to treat (sb a certain way)/to match together/to adjust/to fit/to suit/to answer/to reply/classifier: couple
Details117对不起對不起dui4 bu5 qi3duì bu qǐunworthy/to let down/I'm sorry/excuse me/pardon me/if you please/sorry? (please repeat)
Details119小姐小姐xiao3 jie5xiǎo jieyoung lady/miss/(slang) prostitute/CL:個|个[ge4],位[wei4]
Details120小时小時xiao3 shi2xiǎo shíhour/CL:個|个[ge4]
Details121shao3shǎofew/less/to lack/to be missing/to stop (doing sth)/seldom
Details122jiu4jiùat once/right away/only/just (emphasis)/as early as/already/as soon as/then/in that case/as many as/even if/to approach/to move towards/to undertake/to engage in/to suffer/subjected to/to accomplish/to take advantage of/to go with (of foods)/with regard to/concerning
Details123sui4suìvariant of 歲|岁[sui4], year/years old
Details124工作工作gong1 zuo4gōng zuòto work/(of a machine) to operate/job/work/task/CL:個|个[ge4],份[fen4],項|项[xiang4]
Details125左边左邊zuo3 bian5zuǒ bianleft/the left side/to the left of
Details126已经已經yi3 jing1yǐ jīngalready
Details127希望希望xi1 wang4xī wàngto wish for/to desire/hope/CL:個|个[ge4]
Details128帮助幫助bang1 zhu4bāng zhùassistance/aid/to help/to assist
Details129Nian2Niánsurname Nian
Details130ji3how much/how many/several/a few
Details131弟弟弟弟di4 di5dì diyounger brother/CL:個|个[ge4],位[wei4]
Details132Zhang1Zhāngsurname Zhang
Details133hen3hěn(adverb of degree)/quite/very/awfully
Details134后面後面hou4 mian5hòu mianrear/back/behind/later/afterwards
Details135de5destructural particle: used after a verb (or adjective as main verb), linking it to following phrase indicating effect, degree, possibility etc
Details136Cong2Cóngsurname Cong
Details137mang2mángbusy/hurriedly/to hurry/to rush
Details138kuai4kuàirapid/quick/speed/rate/soon/almost/to make haste/clever/sharp (of knives or wits)/forthright/plainspoken/gratified/pleased/pleasant
Details139快乐快樂kuai4 le4kuài lèhappy/merry
Details140怎么怎麼zen3 me5zěn mehow?/what?/why?
Details141怎么样怎麼樣zen3 me5 yang4zěn me yànghow?/how about?/how was it?/how are things?
Details142nin2nínyou (courteous, as opposed to informal 你[ni3])
Details143xiang3xiǎngto think/to believe/to suppose/to wish/to want/to miss (feel wistful about the absence of sb or sth)
Details144意思意思yi4 si5yì siidea/opinion/meaning/wish/desire/interest/fun/token of appreciation, affection etc/CL:個|个[ge4]/to give as a small token/to do sth as a gesture of goodwill etc
Details145ai4àito love/to be fond of/to like/affection/to be inclined (to do sth)/to tend to (happen)
Details147dong3dǒngto understand/to comprehend
Details149我们我們wo3 men5wǒ menwe/us/ourselves/our
Details150房间房間fang2 jian1fáng jiānroom/CL:間|间[jian1],個|个[ge4]
Details151所以所以suo3 yi3suǒ yǐtherefore/as a result/so/the reason why
Details152手机手機shou3 ji1shǒu jīcell phone/mobile phone/CL:部[bu4],支[zhi1]
Details153手表手錶shou3 biao3shǒu biǎowrist watch/CL:塊|块[kuai4],隻|只[zhi1],個|个[ge4]
Details154打电话打電話da3 dian4 hua4dǎ diàn huàto make a telephone call
Details155zhao3zhǎoto try to find/to look for/to call on sb/to find/to seek/to return/to give change
Details156教室教室jiao4 shi4jiào shìclassroom/CL:間|间[jian1]
Details157Xin1Xīnabbr. for Xinjiang 新疆[Xin1 jiang1] or Singapore 新加坡[Xin1 jia1 po1]/surname Xin
Details158旁边旁邊pang2 bian1páng biānlateral/side/to the side/beside
Details159Ri4abbr. for 日本[Ri4 ben3], Japan
Details160早上早上zao3 shang5zǎo shangearly morning/CL:個|个[ge4]
Details161明天明天ming2 tian1míng tiāntomorrow
Details162星期星期xing1 qi1xīng qīweek/CL:個|个[ge4]/day of the week/Sunday
Details163昨天昨天zuo2 tian1zuó tiānyesterday
Details164shi4shìis/are/am/yes/to be
Details165时候時候shi2 hou5shí houtime/length of time/moment/period
Details166时间時間shi2 jian1shí jiāntime/period/CL:段[duan4]
Details167晚上晚上wan3 shang5wǎn shangevening/night/CL:個|个[ge4]/in the evening
Details168qing2qíngclear/fine (weather)
Details169Shu1Shūabbr. for 書經|书经[Shu1 jing1]
Details170hui4huìcan/to be possible/to be able to/will/to be likely to/to be sure to/to assemble/to meet/to gather/to see/union/group/association/CL:個|个[ge4]/a moment (Taiwan pr. for this sense is [hui3])
Details172you3yǒuto have/there is/there are/to exist/to be
Details173朋友朋友peng2 you5péng youfriend/CL:個|个[ge4],位[wei4]
Details174服务员服務員fu2 wu4 yuan2fú wù yuánwaiter/waitress/attendant/customer service personnel/CL:個|个[ge4],位[wei4]
Details175ben3běnroot/stem/origin/source/this/the current/original/inherent/originally/classifier for books, periodicals, files etc
Details176杯子杯子bei1 zi5bēi zicup/glass/CL:個|个[ge4],支[zhi1],枝[zhi1]
Details177东西東西dong1 xi5dōng xithing/stuff/person/CL:個|个[ge4],件[jian4]
Details178桌子桌子zhuo1 zi5zhuō zitable/desk/CL:張|张[zhang1],套[tao4]
Details179椅子椅子yi3 zi5yǐ zichair/CL:把[ba3],套[tao4]
Details180机场機場ji1 chang3jī chǎngairport/airfield/CL:家[jia1],處|处[chu4]
Details181ci4next in sequence/second/the second (day, time etc)/secondary/vice-/sub-/infra-/inferior quality/substandard/order/sequence/hypo- (chemistry)/classifier for enumerated events: time
Details182欢迎歡迎huan1 ying2huān yíngto welcome/welcome
Details183正在正在zheng4 zai4zhèng zàijust at (that time)/right in (that place)/right in the middle of (doing sth)
Details185Bi3Belgium/Belgian/abbr. for 比利時|比利时[Bi3 li4 shi2]
Details186Shui3Shuǐsurname Shui
Details187水果水果shui3 guo3shuǐ guǒfruit/CL:個|个[ge4]
Details188mei2méi(negative prefix for verbs)/have not/not
Details189没关系沒關係mei2 guan1 xi5méi guān xiit doesn't matter
Details190xi3to wash/to bathe/to develop (photo)
Details191游泳游泳you2 yong3yóu yǒngswimming/to swim
Details192准备準備zhun3 bei4zhǔn bèipreparation/to prepare/to intend/to be about to/reserve (fund)
Details193漂亮漂亮piao4 liang5piào liangpretty/beautiful
Details194汉语漢語Han4 yu3Hàn yǔChinese language/CL:門|门[men2]
Details195火车站火車站huo3 che1 zhan4huǒ chē zhàntrain station
Details196为什么為什麼wei4 shen2 me5wèi shén mewhy?/for what reason?
Details197re4to warm up/to heat up/hot (of weather)/heat/fervent
Details198爸爸爸爸ba4 ba5bà ba(informal) father/CL:個|个[ge4],位[wei4]
Details199牛奶牛奶niu2 nai3niú nǎicow's milk/CL:瓶[ping2],杯[bei1]
Details201wan2wánto play/to have fun/to trifle with/toy/sth used for amusement/curio or antique (Taiwan pr. [wan4])/to keep sth for entertainment
Details202现在現在xian4 zai4xiàn zàinow/at present/at the moment/modern/current/nowadays
Details203生日生日sheng1 ri4shēng rìbirthday/CL:個|个[ge4]
Details204生病生病sheng1 bing4shēng bìngto fall ill
Details205男人男人nan2 ren2nán réna man/a male/men/CL:個|个[ge4]
Details206Bai2Báisurname Bai
Details207Bai3Bǎisurname Bai
Details208de5deof/~'s (possessive particle)/(used after an attribute)/(used to form a nominal expression)/(used at the end of a declarative sentence for emphasis)
Details209kan1kānto look after/to take care of/to watch/to guard
Details210看见看見kan4 jian4kàn jiànto see/to catch sight of
Details212眼睛眼睛yan3 jing5yǎn jingeye/CL:隻|只[zhi1],雙|双[shuang1]
Details213睡觉睡覺shui4 jiao4shuì jiàoto go to bed/to sleep
Details214piao4piàoticket/ballot/banknote/CL:張|张[zhang1]/person held for ransom/amateur performance of Chinese opera/classifier for groups, batches, business transactions
Details215穿穿chuan1chuānto wear/to put on/to dress/to bore through/to pierce/to perforate/to penetrate/to pass through/to thread
Details216第一第一di4 yi1dì yīfirst/number one/primary
Details217deng3děngclass/rank/grade/equal to/same as/to wait for/to await/et cetera/and so on/et al. (and other authors)/after/as soon as/once
Details218米饭米飯mi3 fan4mǐ fàn(cooked) rice
Details219Hong2Hóngsurname Hong
Details220lei4lèitired/weary/to strain/to wear out/to work hard
Details221gei3gěito/for/for the benefit of/to give/to allow/to do sth (for sb)/(grammatical equivalent of 被)/(grammatical equivalent of 把)/(sentence intensifier)
Details222羊肉羊肉yang2 rou4yáng ròumutton/goat meat
Details223老师老師lao3 shi1lǎo shīteacher/CL:個|个[ge4],位[wei4]
Details224考试考試kao3 shi4kǎo shìto take an exam/exam/CL:次[ci4]
Details225ting1tīngto listen/to hear/to obey/a can (loanword from English "tin")/classifier for canned beverages
Details226Neng2Néngsurname Neng
Details227自行车自行車zi4 xing2 che1zì xíng chēbicycle/bike/CL:輛|辆[liang4]
Details228chuan2chuánvariant of 船[chuan2]
Details229cha2chátea/tea plant/CL:杯[bei1],壺|壶[hu2]
Details230cai4càidish (type of food)/vegetable/cuisine/CL:盤|盘[pan2],道[dao4]/(coll.) (one's) type
Details231zhe5zheaspect particle indicating action in progress
Details232yao4yàoleaf of the iris/variant of 藥|药[yao4]
Details233苹果蘋果ping2 guo3píng guǒapple/CL:個|个[ge4],顆|颗[ke1]
Details234hao4hàoordinal number/day of a month/mark/sign/business establishment/size/ship suffix/horn (wind instrument)/bugle call/assumed name/to take a pulse/classifier used to indicate number of people
Details235衣服衣服yi1 fu5yī fuclothes/CL:件[jian4],套[tao4]
Details236li3variant of 裡|里[li3]
Details237西瓜西瓜xi1 gua1xī guāwatermelon/CL:顆|颗[ke1],粒[li4],個|个[ge5]
Details238yao1yāoto demand/to request/to coerce
Details239觉得覺得jue2 de5jué deto think/to feel
Details240认识認識ren4 shi5rèn shito know/to recognize/to be familiar with/to get acquainted with sb/knowledge/understanding/awareness/cognition
Details241说话說話shuo1 hua4shuō huàto speak/to say/to talk/to gossip/to tell stories/talk/word
Details242shei2shéiwho/also pr. [shui2]
Details243ke4subject/course/CL:門|门[men2]/class/lesson/CL:堂[tang2],節|节[jie2]/to levy/tax/form of divination
Details244qing3qǐngto ask/to invite/please (do sth)/to treat (to a meal etc)/to request
Details245谢谢謝謝xie4 xie5xiè xieto thank/thanks/thank you
Details246du2to read/to study/reading of word (i.e. pronunciation), similar to 拼音[pin1 yin1]
Details247rang4ràngto yield/to permit/to let sb do sth/to have sb do sth/to make sb (feel sad etc)/by (indicates the agent in a passive clause, like 被[bei4])
Details248mao1māocat/CL:隻|只[zhi1]/(dialect) to hide oneself/(coll.) modem
Details249gui4guìexpensive/noble/precious/(honorific) your
Details250mai3mǎito buy/to purchase
Details251mai4màito sell/to betray/to spare no effort/to show off or flaunt
Details252zou3zǒuto walk/to go/to run/to move (of vehicle)/to visit/to leave/to go away/to die (euph.)/from/through/away (in compound verbs, such as 撤走[che4 zou3])/to change (shape, form, meaning)
Details253起床起床qi3 chuang2qǐ chuángto get out of bed/to get up
Details254跑步跑步pao3 bu4pǎo bùto run/to jog/(military) to march at the double
Details255Lu4surname Lu
Details256跳舞跳舞tiao4 wu3tiào wǔto dance
Details257身体身體shen1 ti3shēn tǐthe body/one's health/CL:具[ju4],個|个[ge4]/in person
Details258jin4jìnnear/close to/approximately
Details259song4sòngto deliver/to carry/to give (as a present)/to present (with)/to see off/to send
Details260zhe4zhèthis/these/(commonly pr. [zhei4] before a classifier, esp. in Beijing)
Details261这儿這兒zhe4 r5zhè rhere
Details262jin4jìnto go forward/to advance/to go in/to enter/to put in/to submit/to take in/to admit/(math.) base of a number system/classifier for sections in a building or residential compound
Details263运动運動yun4 dong4yùn dòngto move/to exercise/sports/exercise/motion/movement/campaign/CL:場|场[chang3]
Details264Guo4Guòsurname Guo
Details265yuan3yuǎnfar/distant/remote/(intensifier in a comparison) by far/much (lower etc)
Details266hai2háistill/still in progress/still more/yet/even more/in addition/fairly/passably (good)/as early as/even/also/else
Details267na4that/those/then (in that case)/commonly pr. [nei4] before a classifier, esp. in Beijing
Details268那儿那兒na4 r5nà rthere
Details269dou1dōuall/both/entirely/(used for emphasis) even/already/(not) at all
Details270医生醫生yi1 sheng1yī shēngdoctor/CL:個|个[ge4],位[wei4],名[ming2]
Details271医院醫院yi1 yuan4yī yuànhospital/CL:所[suo3],家[jia1],座[zuo4]
Details272Qian2Qiánsurname Qian
Details273Cuo4Cuòsurname Cuo
Details275Men2Ménsurname Men
Details276kai1kāito open/to start/to turn on/to boil/to write out (a prescription, check, invoice etc)/to operate (a vehicle)/carat (gold)/abbr. for Kelvin, 開爾文|开尔文[Kai1 er3 wen2]/abbr. for 開本|开本[kai1 ben3], book format
Details277开始開始kai1 shi3kāi shǐto begin/beginning/to start/initial/CL:個|个[ge4]
Details278Yin1Yīnsurname Yin
Details279鸡蛋雞蛋ji1 dan4jī dàn(chicken) egg/hen's egg/CL:個|个[ge4],打[da2]
Details280Li2surname Li
Details281Xue3Xuěsurname Xue
Details282ling2língzero/nought/zero sign/fractional/fragmentary/odd (of numbers)/(placed between two numbers to indicate a smaller quantity followed by a larger one)/fraction/(in mathematics) remainder (after division)/extra/to wither and fall/to wither
Details283电影電影dian4 ying3diàn yǐngmovie/film/CL:部[bu4],片[pian4],幕[mu4],場|场[chang3]
Details284电脑電腦dian4 nao3diàn nǎocomputer/CL:臺|台[tai2]
Details285电视電視dian4 shi4diàn shìtelevision/TV/CL:臺|台[tai2],個|个[ge4]
Details286非常非常fei1 chang2fēi chángvery/very much/unusual/extraordinary
Details287Ti2surname Ti
Details288颜色顏色yan2 se4yán sècolor/countenance/appearance/facial expression/pigment/dyestuff
Details289飞机飛機fei1 ji1fēi jīairplane/CL:架[jia4]
Details290饭馆飯館fan4 guan3fàn guǎnrestaurant/CL:家[jia1]
Details291Gao1Gāosurname Gao
Details292高兴高興gao1 xing4gāo xìnghappy/glad/willing (to do sth)/in a cheerful mood
Details293Yu2surname Yu
Details294Hei1Hēiabbr. for Heilongjiang province 黑龍江|黑龙江[Hei1 long2 jiang1]
Details295dian3diǎnpoint/dot/drop/speck/o'clock/point (in space or time)/to draw a dot/to check on a list/to choose/to order (food in a restaurant)/to touch briefly/to hint/to light/to ignite/to pour a liquid drop by drop/(old) one fifth of a two-hour watch 更[geng1]/dot stroke in Chinese characters/classifier for items