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xué xí

to learn
to study


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About FluidChinese

The FluidChinese database is a combination of data from online available dictionaries like Unihan, Ccdict and other data sources to combine it with character frequency statistics, stroke order information etc. Search our dictionary using English, Pinyin, or Chinese.

We can show the stroke-order animation for almost 10,000 characters (Simplified Chinese).

Road map

Below a list of functionalities we have finished and are still planning to add. This is a working list updated after each publish. A green check mark indicates completed functionality.


  • Flashcards: add Spaced Repetition
  • Knowledge Tests
  • Auto update local character frequency
  • Collections
    • Complete basic data for collections
    • Add functionality so users can edit collections
  • Add interactive picture maps
  • Informative pages
    • BOPOMOFO lookup table
    • Basic pronunciation instructions


2016 December | Version 0.9 (BETA)
  • Complete user data creation / modification functionality
  • Dictionary page: open dictionary entry details for non logged in users
  • Add Audio
  • Bug fixes (many minor bugs reported by Beta users)
  • Updates for use on mobile (iPhone 6, 7 and smaller Android screen phones)


2016 November
  • Updated detailed Dictionary page: fixed a bug with page selection and filtering results is improved.
  • Updated HSK word lists
2016 October
  • Added HSK Level 1-6
  • Added book viewing page
  • Added Collection functionality (words grouped by common topic)
2016 September
  • Added Basic search to home page
  • Added Flash cards functionality
2016 August
  • Database design
  • Basic functions for viewing database table data
  • Conversion of data
  • Books previously added to FluidChinese
  • Gathering of data
    • CCDICT
    • UNIHAN
    • Character Frequency
    • Radicals