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#SimplifiedTraditionalPinyin NumbersPinyin MarksTranslation  
1八纲八綱ba1 gang1bā gāng"eight principles," a method of giving a general description and syndrome differentiation (TCM)Details
2八风穴八風穴ba1 feng1 xue2bā fēng xué"eight wind points", name of a set of acupuncture points (EX-LE-10), four on each footDetails
3ba1"eight" component in Chinese characters/archaic variant of 八[ba1]Details
4电子环保亭電子環保亭dian4 zi3 huan2 bao3 ting2diàn zǐ huán bǎo tíng"electrical junk center", site for re-processing of old electrical and electronic equipmentDetails
5尔雅爾雅Er3 ya3Ěr yǎ"Erya" or "The Ready Guide", first extant Chinese dictionary, c. 3rd century BC, with glossaries on classical textsDetails
6种族清洗種族清洗zhong3 zu2 qing1 xi3zhǒng zú qīng xǐ"ethnic cleansing"/genocideDetails
7考霸考霸kao3 ba4kǎo bà"exam master", sb who takes many exams and aces all of themDetails
8子精子精zi3 jing1zǐ jīng"fetal essence", i.e. semen (medical term)Details
9斗地主鬥地主Dou4 Di4 zhu3Dòu Dì zhǔ"Fight the Landlord" (card game)Details
10提前起爆提前起爆ti2 qian2 qi3 bao4tí qián qǐ bào"fizzle" (atomic bomb misfire)/preinitiationDetails
11飞鱼族飛魚族fei1 yu2 zu2fēi yú zú"flying fish family", family who sacrifice everything to send their children abroad to studyDetails
12绿茶婊綠茶婊lu:4 cha2 biao3lu:4 chá biǎo"green tea bitch", a seemingly unaffected, innocent and charming girl, but really a dissipated and superficial whoreDetails
13悬河懸河xuan2 he2xuán hé"hanging" river (an embanked one whose riverbed is higher than the surrounding floodplain)/(literary) waterfall/cataract/(fig.) torrent of wordsDetails
14红客紅客hong2 ke4hóng kè"honker", Chinese hacker motivated by patriotism, using one's skills to protect domestic networks and work in national interestDetails
15房魔房魔fang2 mo2fáng mó"housing devil", real estate developer or realtor accused of manipulating the property market in their favorDetails
16抱抱装抱抱裝bao4 bao4 zhuang1bào bào zhuāng"hug shirt" worn by members of the Free Hugs Campaign (see 包包團|包包团[bao1 bao1 tuan2])Details
17性恶论性惡論xing4 e4 lun4xìng è lùn"human nature is evil", theory advocated by Xunzi 荀子[Xun2 zi3]Details
18bing1bīng"ice" radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 15), occurring in 冰, 决, 次/see also 兩點水|两点水[liang3 dian3 shui3]Details
19诗仙詩仙shi1 xian1shī xiān"immortal of poetry", epithet of Li Bai 李白[Li3 Bai2]Details
20吊瓶族吊瓶族diao4 ping2 zu2diào píng zú"infusion clan", patients who prefer medication by drip rather than orally or by injection etcDetails
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