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#Simplified TraditionalPinyin NumbersPinyin MarksTranslation 
1ging1gīnguptight/to awkwardly force oneself to do sth/(Note: This word has no generally accepted hanzi form. It is typically written as ㄍㄧㄥ.)Details
2xx5xxcomponent in Chinese characters, occurring in 青, 毒, 素 etc/see also 青字頭|青字头[qing1 zi4 tou2]Details
3yu4variant of 籲|吁[yu4]Details
4xie2xiéto harmonize/to accord with/to agreeDetails
5chui4chuìto blow (a flute)/archaic version of 吹Details
6yue4yuèancient unit of volume (half a 合[ge3], equivalent to 50ml)/ancient fluteDetails
7龟趺龜趺gui1 fu1guī fūpedestal in the form of a tortoiseDetails
8龟裂龜裂jun1 lie4jūn lièto crack/cracked/fissured/creviced/(of skin) chappedDetails
9龟苓膏龜苓膏gui1 ling2 gao1guī líng gāoturtle jelly, medicine made with powdered turtle shell and herbs/a similar product made without turtle shell and consumed as a dessertDetails
10龟船龜船gui1 chuan2guī chuán"turtle ship", armored warship used by Koreans in fighting the Japanese during the Imjin war of 1592-1598 壬辰倭亂|壬辰倭乱[ren2 chen2 wo1 luan4]Details
11龟背竹龜背竹gui1 bei4 zhu2guī bèi zhúsplit-leaf philodendron/Monstera deliciosaDetails
12龟缩龜縮gui1 suo1guī suōto withdraw/to hole upDetails
13龟笑鳖无尾龜笑鱉無尾gui1 xiao4 bie1 wu2 wei3guī xiào biē wú wěilit. a tortoise laughing at a soft-shelled turtle for having no tail (idiom)/fig. the pot calling the kettle blackDetails
14龟甲宝螺龜甲寶螺gui1 jia3 bao3 luo2guī jiǎ bǎo luóMauritius cowry/Mauritia mauritianaDetails
15龟甲万龜甲萬Gui1 jia3 wan4Guī jiǎ wànKikkoman, Japanese brand of soy sauce, food seasonings etcDetails
16龟甲龜甲gui1 jia3guī jiǎtortoiseshellDetails
17龟毛龜毛gui1 mao2guī máoindecisive/fussy/nitpicking (Taiwan dialect)Details
18龟板龜板gui1 ban3guī bǎntortoise plastron/turtle shellDetails
19龟山乡龜山鄉Gui1 shan1 xiang1Guī shān xiāngGuishan or Kueishan township in Taoyuan county 桃園縣|桃园县[Tao2 yuan2 xian4], north TaiwanDetails
20龟山龜山Gui1 shan1Guī shānGuishan or Kueishan township in Taoyuan county 桃園縣|桃园县[Tao2 yuan2 xian4], north TaiwanDetails
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