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#SimplifiedTraditionalPinyin Numbers Pinyin MarksTranslation 
1AAAA(slang) (Tw) to stealDetails
2AA制AA制A A zhi4A A zhìto split the bill/to go DutchDetails
3AB制AB制A B zhi4A B zhìto split the bill (where the male counterpart foots the larger portion of the sum)/(theater) a system where two actors take turns in acting the main role, with one actor replacing the other if either is unavailableDetails
4A菜A菜A cai4A cài(Tw) lettuce (from Taiwanese 萵仔菜, POJ pr. [e-á-tshài])Details
5A货A貨A huo4A huògood-quality fakeDetails
6A咖A咖A ka1A kāclass "A"/top gradeDetails
7A片A片A pian4A piànadult movie/pornographyDetails
8A圈儿A圈兒A quan1 r5A quān rat symbol, @Details
9a1āphonetic a, similar to 呵/-azine, see 吖嗪[a1 qin2]Details
10a1āvariant of 啊[a1]Details
11a1āinterjection of surprise/Ah!/Oh!Details
12a1āactinium (chemistry)Details
13A1Āabbr. for Afghanistan 阿富汗[A1 fu4 han4]Details
14a1āprefix used before monosyllabic names, kinship terms etc to indicate familiarity/used in transliteration/also pr. [a4]Details
15阿巴阿巴A1 ba1Ā bāAba, southeast Nigerian city/Aba, the Lisu 傈僳 word for grandfatherDetails
16阿巴嘎旗阿巴嘎旗A1 ba1 ga1 qi2Ā bā gā qíAbag banner or Avga khoshuu in Xilin Gol league 錫林郭勒盟|锡林郭勒盟[Xi1 lin2 guo1 le4 meng2], Inner MongoliaDetails
17阿巴拉契亚阿巴拉契亞A1 ba1 la1 qi4 ya4Ā bā lā qì yàAppalachian Mountains in North AmericaDetails
18阿巴斯阿巴斯A1 ba1 si1Ā bā sīAbbas (name)/Mahmoud Abbas (1935-), also called Abu Mazen, Palestinian leader, Chairman of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) from 2005Details
19阿拔斯王朝阿拔斯王朝A1 ba2 si1 Wang2 chao2Ā bá sī Wáng cháoAbbasid Empire (750-1258), successor of the Umayyad caliphateDetails
20阿坝阿壩A1 ba4Ā bàNgawa Tibetan and Qiang autonomous prefecture (Tibetan: rnga ba bod rigs cha'ng rigs rang skyong khul, formerly in Kham province of Tibet), northwest Sichuan, capital Barkam 馬爾康鎮|马尔康镇[Ma3 er3 kang1 zhen4]/also Ngawa countyDetails
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